About learning skills – in brief!

learning skills was established in 1986 by Ole Toft, who has the following business experience:

  • 7 years with Philips Trade & Industry A/S
  • 14 years with Rank Xerox A/S, the last 6 years as training manager and active trainer for
    460 employees, 140 sales persons, 180 technicians and 140 administrative employees
  • In charge of Xerox’ and Rank Xerox’ quality concept: Leadership Through Quality in Denmark
  • 27 years as owner of the learning skills training centre

The business objective for learning skills is to do business with a few larger Danish and internationally working companies, interested in establishing a long-term cooperation about development and implementation of customised training activities.

learning skills is qualified to offer training on both basic, advanced and maintenance level within the following areas:

  • Sales and sales management
  • Troubleshooting in relation to quality concept
  • Service and service management
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Communication behaviour
  • Support – in field training
  • Presentation techniques
  • Management support

Measurable changes in communication, work performance and behaviour within the above areas are characterising my training. This training form enables my trainees to use what I give them in their own environment – not just right after the course but on a long-term basis. I have been involved in long-term training cooperation and activities/projects with companies within the above mentioned areas for many years – several more than 15 years.

The products/services of my clients have a considerable span as regards markets, products and the method of selling. I have been working with sales of container vessels at a price of DKK 750 million, high-tech data services, complex copying machine solutions, electro and medical equipment, sales of simple components at a price of DKK 2,50, flue-gas cleaning facilities, public and private services, sales of specific and general engineer services, legal advising, pharmaceuticals, airborne tele services, transports: On land, at sea and in the air – all together areas where the individual uses a structured goal-directed communication behaviour/technique.

To obtain an insight in so different line of businesses and their characteristics, requires that the trainer is extremely well prepared but it is possible – I have proved that. Exactly that is one of the reasons for the very good results the trainees obtain shortly after the course.

In 1994 the training department in Danfoss Drives Denmark, decided to start up a sales training programme and the learning skills concept became the foundation in the executed training sessions. In recent years, the training sessions have also been executed in Thailand for the Asian sales organi- sation and recently adapted in Danfoss Drives Value Proposition/Value Selling training programme for special sales training activities. Furthermore, among other divisions Danfoss Waterhydraulics – Nessie Denmark, has implemented my training concept, also followed by a positive sales impact.

I am working internationally as several of my clients are domiciled or have departments abroad. For Canon Europa NV (headquarters for all European distributors) I have developed and executed a sales training concept which are being used daily by their app. 2.000 sales persons. I have co-operated with B-K Medical for many years, which is selling ultra-sound scanners globally. I have executed training activities for the B-K Medical departments both domestic and globally.

In 1996 I established a long-term cooperation with Maersk Sealand. First I carried out sales training for the Danish sales employees. Then in 2002 the cooperation was extended to include all customer oriented employees in the Maersk Nordic organisation covering:Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In 2004 the Central European Maersk management, representing:Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czechia, decided to implement our successful sales training concept, based on the success of the Nordic organisation. To date more than 860 committed Maersk employees have participated.

The Danish provider of payment solutions, PBS Denmark, decided in 2007 to establish their own Sales Academy. My training concept was chosen to be the main foundation in the sales training. At this moment, several hundred PBS sales, support/service employees have participated and benefited from the Sales Academy training sessions.

I can inform that through the years the courses and follow up activities, counselling and services have been carried through in: Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, England, Kuwait, France, Germany, South Africa, Thailand and the Netherlands for several of the companies mentioned in my references.

I find it very fascinating, exiting and also very personally rewarding to co-operate with so many personalities all over the world. Since 1986 I have had the opportunity to give my trainees knowledge and skills, which they everyday can use to succeed.